• Who We Are
  • Leadership Team

The power to transform goes right to our core.

Here at Legend, our seasoned, specialist leadership team plays an active role in ensuring that each of the companies in our group has the support, training and resources needed to overcome challenges, meet growing demands and strengthen each business. Furthermore, we are constantly refining and implementing strategies and systems, which, allow each of the companies and partners in our network to seamlessly collaborate as an integrated, cohesive team.

To do this, we have focussed on developing a new corporate culture across all our companies. Based on integrity, empowerment, inclusion and teamwork. Our new corporate culture goes above and beyond to achieve gender equality, diversity by recognising the value that comes from individuality, personal experience and varied heritages. Because at Legend we believe, the power to transform is in all of us.

Our Vision

To build a valuable company that demonstrates repeatable processes, clear strategy, sustained profitable growth and employee purpose.

Our Mission

Empower customer success – delivering value, innovation & service through superior strategy, people & processes

Our Values

At Legend we are all about winning, but we care how we win. We strive to achieve superior results through setting clear goals, defining responsibilities and being accountable for our actions. We are proud to have created a trusting, respectful and inclusive environment, where both personal and team growth, creativity and innovation flourishes.


We are accountable for the success of Legend and to fulfilling the commitments that we make to our customers, suppliers and each other. We respect our communities, the environment and take ownership for our actions.


We encourage an environment of innovation, creativity and results through open and honest communication. We model leadership that teaches, inspires and promotes full participation.


We practice values-based leadership and demand of ourselves and each other the highest standards of individual integrity through direct, open and honest communication.


We are direct and open in our communication. We can achieve more as a team when we embrace diversity, challenge each other and recognise the value that comes from individuality, personal experience and varied heritages.


We seek to profitably delight our customers.
We challenge each other to improve our products, services, processes and each other.
We strive to understand our end markets and our customers’ businesses, to anticipate their needs today and in the future.

Bryan Tisher

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director and senior executive with 30 plus years experience in complex industrial markets including Joint Venture Heavy Industries in the Asian environment. Strategic and end to end P&L accountability across integrated manufacturing, distribution and both distributor led and customer led sales channels. Track record of successfully growing and re-structuring businesses through performance improvement and corporate development activities. A leader with an excellent eye for identifying and growing talent and developing high performance teams.

Mark Pearson

Chief Financial Officer

Mark’s 20 years’ experience as a CFO & Company Secretary, has seen him partnering with the C-suite to maximise shareholder return. Through effective strategic planning and execution, his proven track record for implementing robust checks and measures, ensures Legend continues to grow in strength and profitability for years to come.

Alison Murphy

Head of Digital Transformation

Previously the National Manager of Digital Marketing at Blackwoods. Alison’s knack for improving and streamlining internal and external operations. Her unique blend of technology management, digital marketing, operations and leadership experience means, Alison is perfectly suited to her role as our Head of Digital Transformation.

George Technitis

Executive General Manager - Electrical

With over 20 years’ experience in Process Control & Automation and extensive experience in managing multiple import distribution businesses for Technology products in Electrical, Fastener & Scientific Instrumentation industries, George brings a wealth of General Management experience to the Electrical division of Legend Corp. George has lead a number of successful integrations stemming from M&A’s in various businesses units, structuring a systematic approach in managing large sales teams and with a focus on improving customer experience.

Jason Gerard

Executive General Manager Hendon

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