Hendon Semiconductors proves simple ESG initiatives can have big impact

An Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) program provides a framework for companies to build sustainable business operations and mitigate risk. One of several upcoming initiatives, this Hendon Semiconductors case study is a prime example of Legend Corporation’s ESG program at work.

The recent lighting upgrade at our Hendon Semiconductors site in South Australia proves that simple changes can make a big difference to our environmental footprint. As part of our ESG program, Legend Corporation are pro-actively looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every area of our business. Simply replacing existing fluorescent lighting with LED technology will see our site reduce its emissions from lighting by 75%, resulting in a 15% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Hendon Semiconductors is a specialist electronic design and manufacturing company with a long-established integrated circuit design and wafer fabrication facility. Working with Innovative Cabling Electrical Contractors in partnership with ELWA Energy Savers, the significant upgrade to 100% LED lighting includes around 400 fixtures and is set to be completed by the end of January 2022. ELWA have undertaken projects with trusted brands like Harvey Norman Commercial, Royal Australian Navy, Coca-Cola and Medibank.

The decision to upgrade came when Executive General Manager, Jason Gerard, asked the question; “why did we do incremental LED change-overs in some key areas without considering bulk change and leveraging government incentives?” By making the switch to 100% LED fixtures throughout the 3,500m2 facilities, Hendon will be reducing CO2 emissions by 1,268kg per week. Additionally, the longer lifespan of LED lighting means less waste heading to local landfill and eliminates the potentially harmful materials that could be present in fluorescent fixtures through hazardous waste recycling initiatives. Add to this the improved lighting levels in our production areas, and you have a very happy SHEQ manager.

As is so often the case, a greener choice also makes economic sense. The installation at Hendon is set to have recouped its costs within 8 months and, with the longer lifespan of LED lighting, will continue to deliver long-term energy savings and reduced maintenance costs for years to come.

Jason is now looking to the future role Hendon Semiconductors will play in Legend’s ESG program. “Hendon is looking to continue our 5S Lean roll-out with the Process Engineering team to further improve our efficiencies and reduce waste, through working smarter or investing in new equipment.”

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