Legend Corporation continues to deploy growth strategy.

Legend Corporation is pleased to announce that it recently concluded a transaction to divest its test & calibration services business Celemetrix. The acquirer, Trescal is a French based global specialist in test & calibration and therefore represents a good new owner for the company. Legend will retain Commsforce Technologies, a data and communications product business originally acquired with Celemetrix.

“We saw Celemetrix as a non-core asset for Legend that would be better owned by a specialist company able to support its growth, whilst also enabling Legend to better deploy its resources on growth in its core product markets. The sale of Celemetrix is in-line with Legend’s strategy and represents a laser focus on Electrical Products & Industrial solutions” says CEO Gary Uren.

Over the last 12-months, Legend has grown revenue by more than 15%, adding products and adjacent product portfolios that allows it to better serve existing and new customers in current and evolving markets such as renewable energy, electrical infrastructure, data communications and IIOT.

In addition to portfolio expansion, Legend continues to make significant investments in its ability to better serve customers, including Lean, strategy deployment and business automation as well as digital systems.

About Legend 

Legend is a privately owned Australian electrical products & industrial solutions business, headquartered in Sydney, Australia with operations in all Australian and New Zealand capital cities.

For further information regarding Celemetrix please contact CEO Gary Uren.


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