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MSS Fibre

MSS Fibre are a leader in providing reliable, high performance optical solutions. Using the latest production operation technologies, MSS Fibre specialise in fibre optic cables, connecters, pigtails and patch leads. Other products include cabinets and enclosures, home cabling products, data tools, splicing and test equipment. The entire MSSF range is A-tick and C-tick certified.

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  • Accessories
  • Armoured Loose Tube CST PE Nylon Cable
  • Attenuators Single Mode
  • Attenuators Single Mode Angle Polish
  • Blanking Plugs
  • Cleaning Consumables
  • Connector Termination Tools
  • DIN Rail Mount Enclosures
  • Duplex Patchleads OM1
  • Duplex Patchleads OM3
  • Duplex Patchleads OM4
  • Duplex Patchleads OS1 OS2 SM
  • Duplex Patchleads OS1 OS2 SM Angle Polish
  • Epoxy Polish Connectors
  • Fault Locators
  • Fibre Inspection and Test Equipment Kits
  • Fire Rated Mono and Loose Tube
  • Flat Panel and Thru Adaptor Kits
  • Heatshrink Protectors
  • Inspection Scopes
  • Loose Tube PE Nylon
  • Loose Tube Sacrificial Sheath PE Nylon PE
  • Mechanical Splice Protectors
  • Media Converters
  • Military Tactical
  • OM1 Pigtails
  • OM3 Pigtails
  • OS1 OS2 SM Pigtails
  • Plastic Fibre Connectors
  • Polishing Tools
  • Pre Polished Connectors
  • Rack Mount Sliding and Fixed Enclosure
  • Scribes
  • Splice Trays and Holders
  • Stripping and Cutting
  • Termination Kits
  • Thru Adapter Panels Angled
  • Thru Adapter Panels Flat
  • Thru Adapters and Couplers Flanged Mount
  • Thru Adapters and Couplers Reduced Flange
  • Tight Buffered Duplex Cord
  • Tight Buffered Indoor Outdoor
  • Underground Domes
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
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